Master Photographer

Special Instructions for 2021 (due to COVID-19)

Master Photographer Competition entry date for 2021 is March 9th  

Up to four images, one from each of Nature, People, Architecture and Creative.

No time limit, but the work should not have been entered in any competition in the past.

Outside Judge awarding 1 to 5 points per image.  Total points gives Master Photographer.


This competition is intended to challenge club members to take photographs on a variety of themes.  Judging takes place on one of the normal club evenings.

  1. We want to encourage new work, so the age of the photos taken should not exceed 18 months, and they should not have appeared in any other competition prior to the evening.  The work may not be used in subsequent club competitions in the same season, except for the Images of the Year Competition, but may be used in critique sessions.
  2. For prints, there is no minimum size, but they must be mounted on a 50 cm by 40 cm board.  Work will be displayed in their themes.  PDI should be supplied in the normal competition format.
  3. Prints and the files for PDI should be supplied, one week before the date of the competition.  ********** NEW!
  4. All images will be marked between 2 and 5 points.  The Master Photographer award will be given to the photographer who has amassed the most points, combining prints and PDI.


  1. Nature
  2. Creative
  3. Architecture
  4. People

Members may enter one image, either print or PDI, on each of up to three themes chosen from the four above.

The total entries remain at three, chosen from four themes, but any mix of prints and PDI may be used.  


PDI entries, including a competition entry form recording all entries, print and PDI, must be sent to the normal competition address by the previous Tuesday. 

Print entries must be brought to the club on the previous Tuesday, together with a competition entry form recording all entries, print and PDI.

In all cases, the theme for each image should be identified.